All that libunittest needs is a C++11 compliant compiler and an implementation of the C++11 standard library. libunittest compiles with g++ (≥4.6), clang++ (≥3.2), and Visual C++ (≥2013). It is successfully tested on Linux, MacOSX, and Windows.

Install from source (Linux, MacOSX)

First download a source distribution, unpack the tar-ball you've just downloaded, and enter the resulting directory: tar xfz libunittest-XXX.tar.gz
cd libunittest-XXX
where XXX denotes some version string. libunittest can now be compiled: make [CXX=compiler] where CXX defaults to clang++ on MacOSX and to g++ everywhere else such as Linux. Using clang++ requires libc++ which is an alternative C++ standard library. Once the compilation is finished libunittest can be installed: make install [INSTALLDIR=/path/to/install] where INSTALLDIR defaults to /usr/local requiring root privileges.

Install from source (Windows)

Download a source distribution, unpack the tar-ball, and create a new Visual Studio project for building a library. Now import all sources from the src-folder of libunittest into the VS project and configure the include-folder as an additional folder for header files. Then build libunittest and link it to your test application.

Install from package (Linux)

Check the download page for available packages of libunittest.